Best 50+ Examples of Chat GPT Prompts for Email Marketing

Today’s article is highly informative as we are offering the top Chat GPT prompts for email marketing

But the question arises: why is email marketing essential? Read this line: ‘Despite the rise of social media platforms, email marketing continues to offer an astounding ROI of $36 for every $1 spent.‘ 

This ROI is the highest among all advertising methods. Now, if you’re wondering how to write email marketing content, don’t worry because ChatGPT is here. 

With the help of ChatGPT prompts, we can craft amazing and compelling email drafts for your target audience. So, are you ready for this? 


How to use ChatGPT for Email Marketing

In this section, I will share five examples of how you can use ChatGPT to optimize both the results and the efficiency of your email marketing.

Customers Research

Prompts Example

Develop a Concise and targeted ‘ideal customer profile for Direct-to-Consumer Brand Selling swimwear for Competitive Swimmers. 

The ideal customer profile should include the following:
Challenge and pain point
Goal and Aspiration

Competitive Research

Prompts Example

Make a table of the top 5 brands selling swimwear to competitive swimmers. Include columns for their website URLs, Instagram profiles, and other relevant information.

Use these insights to take inspiration from other brands to your email strategy.

Content Calendar

Prompts Example

Create a BFCM email content calendar for a direct-to-consumer brand selling swimwear for ‘competitive swimmers'.

The content calendar should include the following phases:

  • Pre-BFCM: Build the hype leading up to the event
  • BFCM: Announce the sale is live and keep reminding customers during the event
  • Post-BFCM: Close the event and thank everyone for participating


Prompts Example

Create an email segmentation strategy for a direct-to-consumer brand selling swimwear for competitive Swimmers.

You’ll get a long list of segments for inspiration.


Prompts Example

We're a direct-to-consumer brand selling swimwear for competitive swimmers.

Generate 5 subject line variations for the first email in a welcome series.
Generate 5 benefit-driven calls to action that align with the subject lines

You can also try to generate a body copy

Note: Use ChatGPT to ideate, not to “auto-create” 

ChatGPT helps you go from nothing to something quickly, but its output is rarely optimal. Use it to generate the first drafts and build on it from there. 

This maximizes both the results and the efficiency.

20+ Most Powerful Chat GPT Prompts for Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the most profitable marketing methods, which is why everybody is using this approach. 

However, the problem is that many people have no knowledge about writing emails. 

In this case, these email marketing prompts examples help in crafting effective emails.

Craft Customer-Centric Emails

“Act as a Customer-Centric Copywriter. Develop an email campaign addressing the pain points and needs of customers in [topic or niche]. Ensure that email messaging closely aligns with the customer's needs and requirements. Ask me any questions you have.”

Leverage Psychology in Emails

"Act as a Persuasion Expert. Write an email series using principles of persuasion psychology for [topic or niche]. Incorporate elements such as reciprocity, social proof, or scarcity to influence recipient behavior. Ask me any questions you have.”

Captivate the Audience with Narrative

“Act as a Storytelling Specialist. Craft an email narrative for [topic or niche] that engages readers emotionally. Use proven storytelling techniques to make your emails more compelling and relatable. Ask me any questions you have.”

Enhance Emails with Visuals

“Act as a Visual Content Creator. Design an email campaign with eye-catching visuals and graphics for [topic or niche]. Use visual elements to enhance the message and drive engagement. Ask me any questions you have.”

Cover Trends in Emails

“Act as a Trendspotter. Identify emerging trends in [topic or niche] and propose an email marketing strategy to capitalize on these trends. Your goal is to position your brand as a trendsetter in [specific industry or niche]. Ask me any questions you have.”

Gather Insights Through Surveys

“Act as a Survey Researcher. Create an email survey for gathering insights related to [topic or niche]. Come up with a list of questions to ask to better understand customer preferences and pain points. Ask me any questions you have.”

Become a Trusted Industry Source

“Act as a Content Curator. Curate and share valuable content from external sources that's relevant to [topic or niche] in an email newsletter. Your goal is to position your brand as a trusted source of industry information. Ask me any questions you have.”

Promote Industry-Specific Events

“Act as an Event Planner. Create an email marketing plan for promoting an industry-specific event or webinar in the [topic or niche]. Your goal is to build excitement and drive registrations for the event. Ask me any questions you have.”

Tailor Emails for Individuals

“Act as a Personalization Expert. Develop an email personalization strategy for [topic or niche], leveraging customer data and behavior. Your goal is to make recipients feel that each message is tailored to their interests. Ask me any questions you have.”

Engage Global Audiences

“Act as a Localization Expert. Plan an email localization strategy to target international markets within [topic or niche]. Create a list of necessary considerations and adaptations required to engage diverse audiences across different countries. Ask me any questions you have.”

Keep Customers Engaged

“Act as a Retention Guru. Create a customer retention email series for [topic or niche]. Your goal is to engage and retain existing customers, reducing churn rates and increasing loyalty. Ask me any questions you have."

Recover Abandoned Carts

“Act as a Cart Abandonment Recovery Specialist. Design an email series to recover abandoned shopping carts in the [topic or niche]. Use persuasive tactics that will encourage customers to return to our online store to complete their purchases. Ask me any questions you have.”

Ensure Legal and Ethical Practices

“Act as a Compliance Expert. Ensure that your email marketing practices for [topic or niche] comply with relevant regulations (e.g., GDPR, CAN-SPAM). Your goal is to maintain legal and ethical standards in your campaigns. Ask me any questions you have.”

Nurture Leads with Automation

“Act as an Email Automation Strategist. Develop an automated email workflow for nurturing leads in [topic or niche] from initial contact to conversion. Your goal is to incorporate content and triggers for each stage of the customer journey. Ask me any questions you have.”

Optimize for Mobile Users

“Act as a Mobile Optimization Specialist. Review and optimize an existing email campaign for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience in [topic or niche]. Your goal is to adapt the content and design for mobile users. Ask me any questions you have.”

Increase Conversion Rates

“Act as a Conversion Rate Optimizer. Analyze an email marketing funnel for [topic or niche] and propose strategies to increase conversion rates at each stage. Recommend techniques that can be employed to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. Ask me any questions you have.”

Create Hyper-Relevant Content

“Act as a Content Personalization Specialist. Develop an email content personalization strategy for [topic or niche]. Consider how you'd use data to customize content and increase email engagement. Ask me any questions you have.”

Craft Compelling Email Copy

“Act as a Copywriting Strategist. Revise and optimize email copy for a [topic or niche] campaign. Your goal is to make the content more persuasive and engaging so that it encourages user action. Ask me any questions you have.”

Reconnect with Inactive Subscribers

“Act as a Reengagement Specialist. Develop an email re-engagement strategy to reconnect with inactive subscribers in [topic or niche]. Your goal is to entice them to re-engage with your brand. Ask me any questions you have.”

Segment Email List

“Act as a Data-Driven Segmentation Expert. Use data-driven insights to segment your email list for a [topic or niche] campaign. Consider how you'd target specific audience segments more effectively. Ask me any questions you have.”

Chat GPT Email Prompts for Students

Many students aspire to pursue a career in email marketing, but they often face challenges in getting started and understanding the process. 

That’s why these email marketing ChatGPT prompts are helpful for students. However, it’s not limited to students; these prompts can also be used by email marketing professionals

Simply copy these email prompt templates, fill in the necessary information, and put them into ChatGPT. In a few seconds, you’ll see the magic happen.


“Compose a warm welcome email for new subscribers to [NEWSLETTER/BRAND]. Include a brief introduction about [BRAND/COMPANY], what subscribers can expect in terms of content [CONTENT TYPE], and a special welcome offer [OFFER]. Insert areas for Personalisation with where possible.


“Draft an email announcing the launch of [NEW PRODUCT]. Highlight its unique features [FEATURES], benefits [BENEFITS], and any introductory offer [INTRODUCTORY OFFER]. Include spacing for high-quality images and a clear call-to-action [CTA] directing to the product page.


“Create a friendly reminder email for customers who have abandoned their cart on [WEBSITE]. Include spacing for images of the abandoned items, a persuasive message to complete the purchase, and possibly an exclusive discount code [DISCOUNT CODE] to encourage action


“Design an email for a seasonal promotion [PROMOTION NAME] related to [HOLIDAY/SEASON]. Feature seasonal products [PRODUCTS], special offers [SPECIAL OFFERS], and suggest themed graphics to insert. End with a strong call-to-action encouraging immediate action due to limited time availability.


“Put together a monthly newsletter design for [BRAND/COMPANY] featuring industry insights [INDUSTRY], company news [COMPANY NEWS], and featured products or services [FEATURED PRODUCTS/SERVICES]. Make it informative, and engaging, and highlight areas that should be visually appealing to maintain subscriber interest.


“Write an email requesting customer feedback for [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Explain the value of their input, provide a link to a feedback form [FEEDBACK FORM LINK], and consider offering a thank-you discount or entry into a prize draw [INCENTIVE] for participating."


“Craft an email inviting customers to join a referral program for [BRAND]. Outline how the program works [PROGRAM DETAILS], the benefits for the referrer [REFERRER BENEFITS], and how to get started. Encourage sharing by including easy-to-use referral links or buttons.


“Compose an invitation email for an upcoming event [EVENT NAME] hosted by [COMPANY/BRAND]. Detail the event [EVENT DETAILS], its value to attendees [VALUE], and how to register [REGISTRATION LINK]. Include a sense of urgency to prompt quick responses, while highlighting the benefits of attending [BENEFITS].


“Develop a re-engagement email for inactive subscribers. Include a personalized message [PERSONALIZED MESSAGE], highlight what they’ve missed [RECENT CONTENT/UPDATES], and offer an incentive to regain their interest in the brand.


“Create an exclusive offer email for VIP customers of [BRAND]. These customers are regular spenders and highly engage with the brand. Present a special deal [SPECIAL DEAL] or early access to a new product [NEW PRODUCT]. Make the recipient feel valued and emphasize the exclusivity of the offer, thanking them for their support.


I hope these ChatGPT prompts for email marketing are helpful for both your business and personal use. Share your thoughts about these ChatGPT prompts in the comments. If you find these prompts useful, please share them with your family members and marketing professionals to help reduce time and increase productivity.

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