[Updated Method] How to Cancel Bumper Subscription in 2024

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These methods are quick, easy, and the latest ways to cancel your subscription. I’ve gathered various methods, so be sure to read this article until the end.

What is a Bumper Subscription?

The bumper is a one-stop-shop platform designed specifically for automobile enthusiasts. It serves as a comprehensive resource for vehicle research, offering features such as checking vehicle history reports, comparisons, insurance information, and various other benefits through the Bumper Subscription.

How to Cancel Bumper Subscription Online

Bumper offers several methods for canceling their subscription, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. They provide cancellation options through Customer Support, via email, or on their website. Let’s explore each method step by step.

Follow these three simple steps to instantly cancel your Bumper Subscription:

  1. Visit the official Bumper website ( https://www.bumper.com/app/login ) and log into your account.
  1. Once logged in, you will find the “Contact Us” option. Simply tap on that.
  1. After clicking the “Contact Us” button, the “Cancel My Account” option will be visible. Click on that, and a confirmation pop-up will appear. Confirm, and your Bumper Subscription will be canceled.

Cancel Bumper Subscription Via Phone

If attempting to cancel your Bumper Subscription through the website was unsuccessful, consider using the phone option, which is often more convenient. Just dial this number (1-332-225-9745)

When you call this number, the Bumper Support team will guide you on how to cancel your Bumper Subscription. This is the easiest and most straightforward option.

Cancel Bumper Subscription Via Email

If you are an introvert or prefer not to talk to the Bumper Support team, this option is for you. Simply write an email to this email address ( support@bumper.com ). 

This is the official email ID provided by Bumper. If you have any queries, just write an email to this address. 

It’s important to note that this email ID is not only used for canceling subscriptions but also for general queries related to Bumper subscriptions.

Cancel Bumper Subscription Via iPhone

Hello there! Are you an iPhone, iPad, or iOS user looking for a tutorial to cancel your Bumper subscription on your device? Look no further. Follow this easy, comprehensive guide on canceling subscriptions for iOS users. Take a look:

  1. Open the Settings option on your iPhone.
  1. Navigate to iTunes & App Store.
  1. Tap on Apple ID.
  1. Once in the Apple ID section, scroll down. You will see a list of all active subscriptions on your iPhone.
  1. If you have taken a subscription with Bumper, it will be listed there. You will find options to Cancel Bumper, as well as options to pause and renew. Choose according to your decision.

Cancel Bumper Subscription Via PayPal Account

If you’ve set your payment option for Bumper Subscription through Paypal, you can also manage the cancellation process by following these steps:

  1. Go to your PayPal account.
  2. In the Paypal Account settings, find the option for payments and tap on it.
  3. Click on “Manage Automatic Payments.
  4. In the Manage payment system options, you will see an option to cancel payments to Bumper. Simply click on that, and your auto-renewal for the Bumper account will be canceled.

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