[Simplest Way] How to Cancel Empower Subscription Guide

Hello Everyone, I know you’re searching for “How to Cancel Empower Subscription?” but haven’t found a proper tutorial on it. Don’t worry; I am here to help you. In this comprehensive blog article, I have conducted thorough research on this topic and have provided instructions for canceling Empower Subscription on all devices. So, if you’re interested, read this article till the end.

How to Cancel Empower Subscription Online

If you want to cancel your Empower Bank Subscription online, via phone call, or email, then you don’t need to go anywhere. Just continue reading this article.

Contacting Support Team:

  1. You have the option to cancel your Empower Bank subscription by reaching out to their support team via email or phone.
  2. Email: Utilize the 24/7 email support by sending a message to help@empower.me. Include your membership details in the email to request cancellation.
  3. Phone: Call customer care at 888-943-8967. Inform them of your desire to cancel the subscription, and they will assist you through the process.

Canceling Subscription in the App:

  • Download and install the Empower Bank app on your device.
  • Log in with your details.
  • Navigate to your profile and select the Billing option.
  • At the bottom of the page, find the Close Account option and click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts provided by the app to complete the subscription cancellation.

How to Cancel Empower Subscription on iPhone

This section is designed specifically for iOS users. So, if you are one of them, follow every step carefully. This will help you cancel your Empower Subscription.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on your name to access your account settings.
  3. Look for and tap on the “Subscriptions” option.
  4. Find the specific subscription you wish to cancel.
  5. Tap on “Cancel Subscription.” If you can’t find this option, scroll down as it might be located further down the page.
  6. If you see an expiration message in red or there is no Cancel button, the subscription is already canceled.

Cancel Empower Bank On App

  1. Launch the Empower Bank app on your smartphone or mobile device.
  2. Look for a “Settings” or “Account” section within the app. This section is usually easily accessible from the main menu.
  3. In the settings, find the “Subscription” or “Membership” tab. This is where you can manage or cancel your subscription.
  4. Follow the prompts within the app to initiate the cancellation process. Confirm your decision and provide any additional information if required.
  5. After successful cancellation, the app should display a confirmation message. Capture a screenshot or make a note of this confirmation for your records.

Cancel Empower Bank Using Email

  • Open your email client and create a new email.
  • Include your full name, account number, and registered email address linked to your Empower Bank account. This helps identify your account.
  • Clearly express your desire to cancel the Empower Bank subscription in a concise and polite manner.
  • Double-check the provided information and send the email to help@empower.me.
  • Expect an email confirming your cancellation request. Keep this email for your records.

Cancel Empower Account Via Phone Call

  1. Before making the call, have your account details ready, including your account number and registered phone number.
  2. Dial (888) 943-8967, the Empower Bank support line.
  3. Once connected, the customer service representative will likely ask you to verify your identity by providing specific details related to your account.
  4. Clearly express your desire to cancel your Empower Bank subscription. Answer any questions about your reason for canceling, but maintain courtesy and firmness in your decision.
  5. After the call, the representative should provide you with a confirmation number or email to verify the cancellation.


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