[Guide] How to Cancel Walmart Plus Free Trial in 2024

Walmart Plus is a membership program initiated by Walmart, very similar to Amazon Prime.

Walmart+ offers multiple benefits for its users, including free delivery with no minimum purchase amount, Walmart rewards, access to premium subscriptions like Paramount, free same-day delivery, various coupons or discounts at fuel stations, and many more features. 

Walmart also provides a free trial, similar to Amazon Prime. However, after the trial period, many users may want to cancel the Walmart Plus free trial

Don’t worry; I’m here to guide you through the complete step-by-step process of How to Cancel Walmart Plus Free Trial in 2024. It doesn’t matter which device you use; we’ll cover the cancellation process for calls, mobile phones, Macs, or PCs. 

Are you ready for this? Fantastic! Let’s dive in.

How to cancel Walmart Free Trial (Step-By-Step) 2024

Users, please note that if you want to know how to cancel the Walmart 30-day free trial, you can do this in three ways:

  1. Via the Walmart website.
  2. Via the Walmart App or Application.
  3. Via Customer Call or Phone or Support Team.

It is entirely dependent on you which option you choose to cancel your Walmart membership. Now let’s understand all three processes in detail.

Via the Walmart Website

Hey, user, if you want to do this process via the Walmart website, then follow this process:

First of all, go to the Walmart website (https://www.walmart.com/), and log in with your login ID and password.

Note: Make sure to log in with the account for which you want to cancel the subscription.

Walmart website

After logging in, move to the Account Section, located in the Top right corner of the website. Click on the account section, and in the dropdown, you will see the Walmart+ option.

Account Section

Next, click on the Walmart+ option. After clicking, you will see ‘Manage Membership’; then click on it.

Manage Membership

If you click ‘Manage Membership,’ you will find a button for ‘Cancel Free Trial.’ After clicking this button, a pop-up will appear, asking whether to extend the free trial or cancel it. 

Cancel Free Trial

Simply click on ‘Cancel Free Trial.’ Now you have successfully canceled your Walmart+ membership free trial.

canceled your Walmart+

How to cancel Walmart Plus on App

Some users want to cancel their Walmart membership online via an app, so you can follow the instructions below.

Via the Walmart App or Application

In the first step, you have to download the Walmart Application from the Play Store, and if you are an iPhone user, then download it from the App Store.

Walmart Application

After downloading the application, login with your Account ID and Password. Remember to log in with the account for which the Walmart+ trial or subscription is active and you want to cancel.


After logging in, you will see the UI of the Walmart App. Just go to the Account section given in the bottom right corner.

Walmart App

In the Account section, you can manage your profile. But to cancel the subscription, scroll down. At the bottom, you will see ‘Subscription & Plan’; click on it.

Subscription & Plan

After clicking on ‘Subscription & Plan,’ multiple dropdown options will open. Select the ‘Walmart+‘ button.

Walmart+' button

When you click the Walmart+ button, you will see the setting icon in the top right corner; click there.

setting icon

After clicking the setting icon, you will see ‘Manage Subscription.’ Just scroll down to the bottom, and you will get the option to ‘Pause Subscription‘ and ‘Cancel Membership.’

Click on that option, and your subscription will be canceled.

Pause Subscription' and 'Cancel Membership

Via Customer Call or Phone or Support Team

Walmart+ provides a highly supportive team for canceling Walmart membership. If you don’t want to cancel your Walmart membership online, you can call Walmart to cancel your subscription. Simply dial Customer Care at 1 (800) 924-9206 or the Walmart+ Support Team at 1 (800) 925-6278. They will assist in canceling your subscription. Please note that the call timing is daily from 9 am until 11 pm ET.

How to cancel Walmart grocery free trial

Are you looking to cancel the Walmart Grocery free trial? Did you know that the process of canceling the grocery free trial or canceling the membership is the same. 

Simply follow our comprehensive guide on How to cancel Walmart+ free trial, as given above. There are no other processes to do this. 

Many users are asking how to cancel Walmart 30-day free trial, and the answer to this question is the the same. Follow the above guide, and your problem will be solved.

I hope, guys, you found your answer about how to cancel Walmart Plus free trial. If you find it valuable, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any queries related to this guide, please put them in the comment box, and I will try to give an answer as soon as possible.

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