25+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Google Ads to Beat Competitors

Google Ads is the most effective platform for marketing products and services online. Many business owners, digital marketers, dropshippers, and individuals use Google Ads to advertise their products on Google. 

However, many of them face challenges in writing compelling headlines, ad scripts, A/B testing, CTA buttons, and many other elements required to create a Google Ads campaign. 

If you’re among those facing these issues, look no further because I have a solution for you. I’ve conducted in-depth research and found some of the most effective ChatGPT prompts for Google Ads

I know that many marketers are not using AI tools to optimize their campaigns, and I believe that’s a big mistake. AI can create personalized ad copies in just a few minutes. 

If you’re ready to explore, check out our collection of Google Ads prompts

Let’s get started.

Top Marketer Choiced ChatGPT Prompts for Google Ads

ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful tool for creating a Google Ads strategy. But, you need to know how to prompt properly to get the most out of it!

So, STEAL these prompts for the ultimate ad campaign!  

Prompts for Keyword Research for a Specific Campaign

"Strategies on how to undergo keyword research for a Google Ads campaign focused on [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Identify high-traffic, relevant keywords with a good balance of competition and cost per click for [TARGET MARKET/INDUSTRY]."

Prompts for Ad Copy Creation for Search Ads

"Write compelling ad copy for a Google search ad campaign promoting [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. The copy should include a strong headline [HEADLINE], benefit-driven description [DESCRIPTION], and a clear call-to-action using targeted keywords [KEYWORDS]."

Prompts for Display Ad Design Brief

"Develop a brief for designing display ads for [CAMPAIGN NAME]. Account for the target audience [TARGET AUDIENCE], and inform on visual and messaging elements, as well as any branding guidelines to follow."

Prompts for Remarketing Campaign Strategy

"Outline a remarketing campaign strategy on Google Ads for users who have previously visited [WEBSITE] but didn’t convert. Plan different ad sets targeting various user actions, with personalized messages and offers."

Prompts for Ad Extensions Utilization

"Create a plan to effectively use ad extensions in a Google Ads campaign for [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Include extensions like site links [SITELINKS], callouts [CALLOUTS], structured snippets [SNIPPETS], and location [LOCATION] to enhance ad visibility and relevance."

Prompts for Landing Page Optimization for PPC

"Devise strategies for optimizing landing pages [LINK] for a PPC campaign promoting [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. Focus on improving page load speed, content relevance, and clear conversion paths."

Prompts for Targeting Options for a New Market

"Plan targeting options for introducing [PRODUCT/SERVICE] in a new market [NEW MARKET]. Consider geographic targeting, demographic targeting [DEMOGRAPHICS], and interest-based targeting for effective reach."

Prompts for Google Ads Bidding Strategy

"Develop a bidding strategy for a Google Ads campaign aiming at [CAMPAIGN GOAL]. Evaluate different bidding strategies like cost-perclick (CPC), cost-peracquisition (CPA), or return on ad spend (ROAS) based on campaign objectives."

Prompts for Seasonal Campaign Planning for [Season/Holiday]

"Create a plan for a seasonal Google Ads campaign around [SPECIFIC SEASON/HOLIDAY]. Focus on relevant keywords [SEASONAL KEYWORDS], tailored ad copy, and special offers to capture the seasonal increase in demand."

Prompts for Performance Analysis and Optimization

"Outline a process for analyzing and optimizing ongoing Google Ads campaigns. Focus on key performance indicators [KPIS], such as clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion, and recommend regular adjustments for campaign improvement."

Comprehensive Guide on ChatGPT Prompts for Google Ads with Example

Prompts for Leveraging Customer Pain Points

"Write a Google Ad for [PRODUCT], speaking to [AUDIENCE] about [PAIN POINT].”


“Write a Google Ad for our skincare brand Drench’s new hyaluronic-infused facial moisturizer, speaking to middle-aged working American women about how hyaluronic acid attracts surface moisture and seals it into their skin for all-day hydration in a dry and cold office.”

Prompts for Generating Creative Headlines

“Write a few [ADJECTIVE] headlines speaking to [AUDIENCE] and encourage them to buy [PRODUCT] because of [BENEFIT #1, 2, or 3].”


“Write a few thought-provoking headlines speaking to teenage male basketball players and encourage them to buy our athletic clothing brand called AirDry because of its moisture-wicking fabric and lightweight, breathable material.”

Prompts for Encouraging Potential Customers

“Write [ADJECTIVE] headlines speaking to [AUDIENCE] and encourage them to buy [PRODUCT] to make sure that [BENEFIT].”


“Write thought-provoking headlines speaking to busy millennial mothers and encourage them to buy NourishNest’s baby bottles with built-in temperature strips, so their babies get the right temperature milk every time.”

Beginners Chat GPT prompts for Advertisement

Ad Copy Enhancement


"Optimize my Google Ads ad copy for better click-through rates and conversions."

Keyword Expansion


"Suggest relevant keywords for my Google Ads campaign in the [industry/niche] sector."

Landing Page Suggestions


"Recommend improvements for my Google Ads landing page to boost conversion rates."

Competitor Analysis


"Analyze my competitors' Google Ads and suggest strategies to outperform them."

Negative Keyword Recommendations


"Provide negative keywords to refine my Google Ads campaign targeting."

I hope these ChatGPT prompts for Google Ads help kickstart your marketing journey. Our provided prompts aim to reduce the time spent on writing ad scripts, testing, analyzing, and handling key elements in Google Ads. If you find these prompts helpful and believe they can streamline your work, please share them with your marketer friends or anyone interested in running Google Ads.

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