Chat GPT Prompts for Social Media Posts

Best 100+ Chat GPT Prompts for Social Media Posts

No matter whether you are a social media influencer, business owner, content creator, or student, these Chat GPT prompts for social media posts are useful to everyone. 

I know everyone is active on social media platforms, and you always think about how to create an engaging social media post for your audience. That can impact your audience and grow your social media followers. 

So, this article is the solution to your concern. In this article, I will dive deep into creating engaging social media posts with Chat GPT social media prompts

This article is not only limited to social media posts; apart from this, we have a comprehensive collection of Chat GPT prompts for social media marketing, engaging caption writing prompts, post ideas generator prompts, lead generation prompts, trending prompts for Instagram, and many more. 

So, are you ready to dive deep and learn this? 

Great! So, let’s get started.

Top Influencer Selected Chat GPT Prompts for Social Media Posts

Social media managers are key individuals who often struggle with the manual writing of captions and descriptions. 

Thanks to ChatGPT, this tool can generate human-like text, eliminating the need for manual writing. However, it’s crucial to enter the right prompts to generate high-quality content. 

You can explore the entire collection of social media prompts, prompts for social media marketing, prompts for content creators, caption generators, and much more.


Write a LinkedIn post debunking 10 common misconceptions about (describe the topic) and provide accurate information backed by data and social proof.


Generate 20 exciting Story ideas for my IG audience of (add info). Goal is to generate engagement and increase views. My business is about (insert). Be creative.


Design a successful and effective strategy to start several Twitter threads about (insert topics) that will capture the attention of our audience that does (add info).


Act as a marketing expert. I want to promote my service-based business on YouTube. Write a viral script and title based on (insert key points) that gets people watching till the end.


Craft a Facebook post showcasing (describe product/service) along with its unique benefits to capture the attention of (insert audience) and entice them to learn more.


Write 5 viral TikTok videos about (add context). Craft several ideas for headlines/hooks to grab the attention of (target audience) and prompt them to share w/ others.

ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Strategy

As a creator or business owner, you understand the importance of a strategy. Without a strategy, social media platform algorithms may not take you seriously. 

That’s why it’s crucial to have a strategy. But you might be thinking it’s a time-consuming process, right? 

No, it won’t take more than 15 minutes because this template of ChatGPT prompts will help you create an amazing personalized strategy for you.

Each suggestion provides expert guidance in formulating customer-centric strategies tailored for diverse industries and platforms. Transform your brand’s social media presence with these invaluable insights!

Develop Awareness Stage Campaign

"Develop a social media campaign focused on the awareness stage of the customer journey for an {industry} brand, targeting millennials with educational and inspirational content."

Social Media Strategy for Product Launch

"Map out a social media strategy for a new {product} launch, focusing on customer touchpoints from discovery to purchase, with emphasis on interactive and demo-based content."

Instagram Customer Journey Approach

"Outline a customer journey-based approach for a {industry} service on Instagram, emphasizing high-engagement content at each stage from interest to decision."

Pinterest Customer Journey Map

"Create a customer journey map for an {industry} brand on Pinterest, focusing on driving traffic from awareness to conversion with shoppable pins and style guides."

Influencer Collaboration Strategy

"Plan a 45-day influencer collaboration strategy for an {industry} brand, aligning influencer activities with different stages of the customer journey on social media."

Multi-Channel Social Media Strategy

"Develop a multi-channel social media strategy for an {industry} brand, aligning content with the customer journey stages and focusing on {specific content type}."

Facebook Customer Journey Map for Subscription Service

"Construct a customer journey map for a {service type} subscription service on Facebook, with a focus on storytelling and community building to enhance customer loyalty."

YouTube Content Strategy

"Design a YouTube content strategy for an {industry} platform, aligning videos with customer journey stages from awareness to engagement and subscription."

Social Media Remarketing Strategy

"Implement a customer journey-based remarketing strategy on social media for a {product type} app, using data insights to retarget users at different funnel stages."

TikTok Campaign for Engagement and Decision Stages

"Create a TikTok campaign for an {industry} brand, focusing on user-generated content and challenges at the engagement and decision stages of the customer journey."

LinkedIn Content Strategy for Decision-Making Journey

"Develop a LinkedIn content strategy for an {industry} company, aligning posts and articles with the customer decision-making journey, focusing on case studies and industry insights."

Social Media Response Plan for Customer Satisfaction

"Craft a social media response plan for a {industry}-focused brand, aligning interactions with customer journey stages to improve satisfaction and loyalty."

Instagram Live Sessions for Different Journey Stages

"Plan a series of Instagram Live sessions for a {service type} service, each targeting a different stage of the customer journey, from brand introduction to subscription incentives."

Snapchat Strategy for Engagement

"Design a Snapchat strategy for an {industry}-oriented brand, focusing on ephemeral content that engages users at the curiosity and interest stages of their journey."

Cross-Platform Social Media Strategy for Various Journey Stages

"Formulate a cross-platform social media strategy for an {industry} product, mapping out content that educates and engages customers at various journey stages, from awareness to advocacy."

Powerful ChatGPT Prompts for Write Social Media Captions

Constructing compelling captions is vital for grabbing attention and fostering interaction on social media. 

Leverage these prompts from ChatGPT to craft impactful captions that motivate your audience to take action.

Write an Instagram post description or caption using a few sentences for the post about “[Description]”. Start the caption with an intriguing sentence. Use emojis in each sentence and add a paragraph after two sentences to make it more readable.
I want you to act as my social media manager and write at least 5 captions for a Facebook photo about [explain what the photo is about]. Use hashtags and emojis in the caption
Write a unique and intriguing description for a LinkedIn post titled [Enter your title here]. Pretend you are an expert on the niche and give your personal best advice in 1st person. Explain what users will get after reading it.
Write a (smart, catchy, punny, or witty) caption about [topic]. Try to play with words, engage users in the end, ask them questions in the end, and use emojis
Assume the persona of David Ogilvy and write me a caption for [details of the post] Break it into lines after every 2 sentences to make it readable.

ChatGPT Social Media Prompts for Business

Social Media Strategy

As a social media strategist, you've been hired by {startup name} to create an effective social media strategy. Outline a step-by-step plan that includes platform selection, content creation, posting schedules, and engagement tactics to boost their brand presence and engage with the target audience.

Influencer Partnership

{Startup name} is looking to collaborate with influencers in their niche to expand their reach and gain credibility. Write an outreach message to an influencer, explaining the benefits of partnering with the startup, and propose a mutually beneficial collaboration idea."

Content Calander

Create a one-month content calendar for {startup name} with engaging and relevant posts. Include a mix of promotional content, educational posts, user-generated content, and any planned events or product launches. Ensure the content aligns with the startup's brand and resonates with its audience.

Community Engagement

Suggest innovative ways for {startup name} to foster a strong and active online community. This could include hosting virtual events, running exclusive groups, or encouraging user-generated content. Explain how these initiatives will help the startup build a loyal customer base and increase brand loyalty.

Branding prompt

Design a set of visually appealing social media templates that reflect {startup name}'s brand identity. These templates should be adaptable for different platforms and post types, such as announcements, quotes, and product showcases. Provide guidelines on using these templates cohesively across all social media channels."

Ads Prompts 

Craft a social media advertising strategy for {startup name} to maximize their return on investment. Choose the most suitable platforms for their target audience, set campaign objectives, and outline the ad creatives and budget allocation. Explain how you'll measure the effectiveness of the ads

Trend jacking

Propose a trendjacking campaign for {startup name} to capitalize on current trends and increase their online visibility. Identify relevant trends in their industry or broader pop culture and describe how the startup can align its brand messaging with these trends in a creative and authentic way.


Define key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring {startup name}'s social media success. Choose the metrics that will demonstrate the impact of their social media efforts, such as reach, engagement, conversion rates, or customer feedback. Develop a plan for regularly monitoring and analyzing these metrics.

Crisis Management

Create a crisis management plan for {startup name} to address potential social media crises proactively. Outline steps to handle negative comments, address customer complaints, and protect the startup's reputation during challenging times. Provide guidelines on when and how to escalate issues if needed.

[Free] Top ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Marketing 

People often assume that ChatGPT is exclusively for tech enthusiasts but it’s a misconception. Have you ever pondered the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing your marketing strategy? 

It extends beyond mere automation, offering a profound impact on creativity and efficiency. Chat GPT prompts for social media marketing will help you promote your products and services. So, use the given prompts to create unique content.

Prompts for Selling More On Social Media

Using the 'Foot-in-the-Door' technique, create a LinkedIn Text Post outline that persuades [ideal customer persona] to take a desired action. Use consistent messaging throughout the whole post _

Prompts for Get Personalised Ideas 

Help me come up with ideas for LnkedIn Carousels, but before that ask me a series of at least 10 questions to better understand my goals, audience, niche, and tone of voice.

Prompts for Use Storytelling With Ease

Using a ‘Storytelling’ Framework to write a story in a LinkedIn Carousel about my [product/service] and how it helped a [customer] overcome their [problem]. Use vivid details and hypnotic wording

Prompts for Creating an Optimised LinkedIn About

Imagine you are a social media marketing expert. Write a LinkedIn About for a profile in [niche] that targets [audience] and stands out with [Unique Selling Proposition].

Prompts for Creating a Text Post

Create an engaging LinkedIn Text Post under 2200 characters, but before that ask me a series of 10 questions about my goals, niche, audience, and tone of voice.

Prompts for Instantly Level-up Your Posts

I will give you the social media posts I've made. Analyze them by benchmarking the best-performing social media content on Instagram in [niche]. How can I improve their hooks, readability, practical value, and call-to-action?

Prompts for Creating a Personalised Post

Create an engaging LinkedIn Text Post under 2200 characters, but before that ask me a series of 10 questions about my goals, niche, audience, and tone of voice.

Prompts for Write Effective Video Scripts

Write a script for a social media video using the 'Education-Based Approach’ to provide valuable information to [ideal customer persona] about a problem they may be facing. Then, introduce our [product] as a solution.

Prompts for Suggest Viral Hooks

I am creating a LinkedIn Carousel targeting [audience]. The post targets [niche problem] and is meant to give [unique value]. Give me 5 suggestions for a hook with a high virality score which is simple and has emotional wording.

Prompts for Write A Controversial Post

Write a LinkedIn Post on [topic] that challenges the common belief of the [audience] and most of the mainstream experts and provides a new perspective on [dream outcome]

Prompts for Profitable Marketing Campaign

Using the ‘Pirate Funnel framework, write a marketing campaign outline of the key stages in the customer journey for [product/service]. Describe how to acquire, activate, retain, refer, and generate revenue from our [ideal customer personal.

Prompts for Replicate Your Style & Enhance It

Analyze the tone of voice, style, and wording in the following text: "TEXT". Then use NLP, hypnotic language, and the [Latest trends on Instagram to write a caption in a similar style ‘) on the topic of: “TOPIC”

IG Content Ideas Prompts

Your task is to come up with an Instagram content idea for [YOUR NICHE] market. You should focus on creating engaging, relevant, and unique content that would appeal to the interest of the target audience within the niche. Consider incorporating elements of storytelling, educational tips, behind-the-scenes insights, or creative visuals, depending on the specific niche's needs and preferences. Remember, your goal is to help the user stand out in their niche and effectively engage their followers.

Trend Analysis Prompts

You are tasked with performing trend analysis for [Your Niche]. Your goal is to identify and analyze the most relevant trends in that niche. You should collect and analyze data from reliable sources that are related to the niche to identify current and potential trends. Then, you should present your findings in an organized and easy-to-understand way. When presenting your findings, you should include charts, graphs, and/or other visuals to help illustrate your points. Additionally, you should provide recommendations on how to leverage the identified trends to create beneficial outcomes.

Competitor Analysis Prompts

You are a competitor analyst. I will provide you with a list of competitors that I want to analyze. Your goal is to research each competitor's strengths and weaknesses, market position, and other relevant information. You should also evaluate their strategies and assess their potential impact on my own business. Research should include an analysis of the competitors' products and services, pricing, customer service, advertising, and other factors. Output should be a comprehensive report that identifies my competitors and their strengths and weaknesses, providing me with actionable insights

Monetization Ideas Prompts

You are an Instagram creator looking to monetize your account. I will give you input such as the name of your niche. You must provide monetization ideas applicable to that niche. Research the target audience, market trends, and other monetization strategies relevant to the niche. Design a monetization plan with a combination of tactics that can work for your brand. Think about different revenue streams and how you can maximize the potential of each one. Outline a plan for your monetization strategy, including a timeline and specific steps to take.

Digital product launch emails Prompts

You are a digital product launch expert. I will give you the details of a product, along with the target audience and the goal of the product launch. You will use this information to write effective emails to promote the launch of the product. Your emails should be concise, engaging, and persuasive. They should include an effective call-to-action and be tailored to the target audience. Think step by step. Input: Product details, target audience, goal.

I hope these Chat GPT prompts for Social Media Posts are beneficial for you. If this article has helped you, please share it with your family and friends.

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