ChatGPT Prompts for Landing Pages

ChatGPT Prompts for Landing Pages | Build High Converting Landing Page with ChatGPT

Are you striving to create a high-converting landing page? Look no further, as we bring you the most effective ChatGPT prompts for landing pages

With these templates, you can effortlessly build your landing page using ChatGPT for free. So, are you ready for the journey?


But, remember, before we embark on this tutorial, we’ll delve into the concept of building a landing page with ChatGPT. 

Following that, we’ll provide you with templates, or you can call them a list of prompts, for creating a high-quality landing page. 

So, let’s kick off this amazing tutorial.

Comprehensive Guide on How to Build Landing Pages with ChatGPT 

If you aim to create a high-converting landing page, be sure to incorporate these tips. By implementing these strategies, you will stand out from your competitors.

#1 Hooks

Your headline is key.

It’s not about what you have to sell but what’s in it for your audience. You need to bait the reader into reading the next fold.

Take this example from Mutiny, a Landing page A/B testing platform.

Landing Page Hook Example

Instead of talking about a feature like “Personalise your website with Mutiny

They highlighted the benefit of Revenue Generation.

#2 Proof

Building credibility & trust early on is really important. 

There are 3 ways to do it: 

  1. Testimonials: Use client photos whenever possible
  2. Awards & Features: List awards & media features
  3. Case Studies: Amplify your case studies with numbers

I recommend adding these to different sections of your site.

#3 Call To Action (CTA)

Have ONE clear & compelling Call To Action (CTA). 

  • Get Your Report 
  • Book a Discovery Call 
  • Sign up for Free 

Tip: Make sure you add the CTA  throughout the site so your audience can convert anytime.

These are some of the popular CTA examples

CTA Example 1
CTA Example 2
CTA Example 3

#4 Unique Selling Points (USPs)

I’d recommend featuring 3 to 5 Unique Selling Points (USPs).

Here’s how you identify them:

  1. What are your competitors’ claims?
  2. What can you offer that’s better?
  3. How do they benefit your audience?

Keep them short & sweet.

#5 Subheads

Not everyone reads the body copy. *Sobs* But it’s okay. So you’ve got to make the most of every subhead to convey your “sell”.

Great examples from Ramp, a fintech startup: 

Subheads Example

Now that you know the components of a top-performing landing page. I’m going to show you how to use ChatGPT to get there

#1 Role

Get ChatGPT to act as a copywriter & set the context.

ChatGPT Role

The more detailed you are, the better the results.

#2 Structure

This is where magic happens.

Structure Prompts

Outline the structure of the LP & get ChatGPT to write each section.

#3 Output

Review ChatGPT4’s output & refine the copy.

Structure Prompts

25+ Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts for Landing Pages Optimization

Let’s explore some more ChatGPT Prompts for Landing pages because your sales are directly dependent on the effectiveness of your landing page. 

If your page lacks compelling content or user-friendliness, you risk losing potential customers.

A/B Testing ChatGPT Prompts

I'm creating a new marketing campaign for a specific demographic, but I'm not sure which messaging will be most effective. Can you explain how A/B testing can help me determine the most compelling message for my target audience?
As a seasoned [job title] in [industry], how do you determine what variables to test in an A/B test and how many variations to test?
Create a plan to [A/B test] different [pricing options] for our [subscription service] and identify which pricing model generates the most revenue.
I have two different versions of an explainer video, but I'm not sure which one is more engaging. Can you explain how A/B testing can help me determine the most effective video for my marketing campaign?
What tools and resources can you use to streamline the process of A/B testing your digital marketing campaigns?

Call-to-action (CTA) and Placement Design ChatGPT Prompts

Create an email campaign that includes a CTA button inviting subscribers to take advantage of our exclusive [offer], with a deadline of [date] to create urgency.
Create a series of CTA buttons with different designs and placements and an A/B test to see which ones lead to the most conversions for [your product/service].
As a designer for a software company, how do you create CTAs that resonate with enterprise customers, particularly those in [specific industry]?
I'm redesigning my website and I'm not sure where to place my Call-to-Action buttons. What are some placement options that can increase conversions?
What are some common mistakes to avoid when designing Call-To-Action placement on a [mobile/responsive] website?

Conversion Rate Optimization ChatGPT Prompts

I want you to act as a social media marketer. You will design and execute social media campaigns that drive traffic to my website, create brand awareness and increase conversions. Please provide me with regular updates on the campaign's performance. My first request is:
I want you to act as a copywriter. You will create compelling and persuasive copy for my website that speaks to my target audience and encourages them to take action. Please focus on benefits, urgency, and a clear call to action. My first request is:
Generate personalized email copy for our [product/service] that speaks directly to each customer and encourages them to take action, such as signing up for a free trial or making a purchase.
I'm looking to increase the conversion rate of my email marketing campaigns. Can you suggest some tactics for optimizing my [Conversion Rate Optimization]?
Craft an email campaign that [puts emphasis on the urgency/scarcity of a limited-time offer], highlights the benefits of your [product/service], and includes a clear call-to-action to [encourage purchases/sign-ups].

Form Optimization ChatGPT Prompts

Brainstorm ways to improve the [lead generation] process on our website. As a marketing team, your goal is to capture leads and turn them into customers. Identify ways to improve the lead generation process on your website, such as creating a more attractive lead magnet, optimizing landing pages, or simplifying the opt-in process.
Design a [customizable feature] to streamline our [customer support/communication] process and resolve [issues/queries] efficiently.
You're trying to increase form submissions, but visitors are hesitant to provide personal information. What steps can you take to build trust with your visitors and increase form submissions?
Provide us with a list of [number] form design templates that have been proven to increase conversion rates.
I have a [website/app] that I'd like to optimize for a better user experience. What are some key considerations for improving [usability/UX]?

Page Optimization ChatGPT Prompts

How can minimizing HTTP requests lead to better [page speed optimization]?
Create a customized plan for improving [website name's] page speed optimization, taking into account key factors such as image optimization, HTML/CSS file size reduction, and server response time.
Are there any tools I can use to measure and analyze my site's [page speed optimization]?
Your website's loading speed is slow. What factors should you consider to optimize your page speed?
Write a detailed guide on how to perform Page Speed Optimization for [tech-savvy customer segment], including step-by-step instructions and best practices for optimizing website loading times.


What are your thoughts on these ChatGPT prompts for landing pages? Feel free to leave a comment below.

I sincerely believe these prompts will be beneficial for you. Share your experience with me—let me know how they’ve helped you.

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